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terça-feira, 6 de novembro de 2018


If I found an E.T walking around in my garden, 

I’d surely ask him what he was doing there, 

Since there isn’t anything special or different 

But birds and beetles that with him I could share. 

I’d probably invite him into my closet 

To spare him from curious neighbors and apocalypse prophets 

There he could have some fun trying on my dresses 

And checking how he’d look in one of my pajamas. 

If I found an E.T peeping through in my garden, 

I would surely not call the FBI, don’t start it! 

I would like to spend some time with him, chatting 

And I’d ask if he’d take me with him to his planet. 

I would walk him on a tour in my spacious bedroom 

Making sure he felt comfortable, and whatever’s necessary 

And if he were so gentle to show me some patience, 

Who knows, maybe I could propose him marriage? 

I’d probably ask him if he’d been here before 

And once met a girl named Drew Barrymore, 

If he rode on a bike on a flight by the moon 

And of course, if he meant to be back so soon… 

When we were saying goodbye, I’d hold him  tight 

And invite him to come again, and stay for a while 

But that time, I’d advise him to please not to forget 

To pack in his bag his own goddamn mobile!

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